22538_283253136657_661411657_3579895_434010_nOriginally from The Mississippi Gulf Coast, James began his professional career in tattooing after attending Indiana University, in Bloomington, IN. While studying Fine Arts and Anthropology, two lifelong interests, James was presented with the opportunity to learn the art of tattooing. After all, what better way to practice two of his favorite interests?
After making several visits to Ithaca, where he began building a strong clientele, and now with a new family , he felt the pull to live in a smaller, more free-thinking community. James made the move to Ithaca in the summer of 1999 and continues to provide his clients with the best possible custom work in a friendly, no-pressure environment.
In 2005 James opened Model Citizen Tattoo, giving James the opportunity to control the pace and setting for his custom tattooing, thereby giving more time and care to every piece of art created for the client, custom or otherwise. With a busy schedule tattooing, artwork in other mediums sometimes takes a backseat. However, creating, in any medium, be it paint, ink, music, or sculpture has always been his passion. This work ethic has earned James numerous awards at a multitude of conventions over the years, as well as having his work published in national magazines. More importantly it has earned him the trust and respect of people from around the region and around the world.