Piercing’s by JenEye

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Check out our varied selection of body jewelry. We have various vendors whom we are happy to offer a fine selection of body jewelry from. We also offer custom jewelry orders from the following company’s: Anatometal,  Industrial Strength, LeRoi, Body Visions Los Angeles (BVLA), and a few other companies that offer various organic jewelry.

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**Note that it is our shop policy not to offer body piercing to anyone under the age of 18 years old. However, we will offer earlobe piercing with parental consent. We may offer outer cartilage piercing on a case by case basis only. All to be piercee’s must provide proper photo identification. School ID’s, birth certificates, and social security cards are not accepted. Driver’s Licence/Permit, Non-driver’s ID, Military ID, and Passports are acceptable forms of Identification. Please contact our studio with any questions/concerns.