So it looks like there’s a possibility that I won’t be working at the AZ Tattoo Expo this month. There is apparently an issue with the booth I was going to be sharing with Blue Rivera, and we may not be able to work at the show. Total bummer, I know, but I WILL be […]


Welcome to the new Model Citizen website! Many thanks to Davey for doing such an awesome job in such a short time! Upcoming news in the Model Citizen world includes a trip to the Arizona Tattoo Expo at the end of this month, and hopefully a booth tattooing there! Looks like there may be an […]

The new and improved Model Citizen website is a go for LAUNCH. More great content and sweet tat pics to come. Enjoy yourself! Leave a comment and share a link to a great tattoo that you got here or just tell us how much you love Model Citizen. xoxo admin